Sunday, July 20, 2014

Excerpt from Remember Beauty and Songs for a Blue Time--By Nila J. Webster--United States

remember to draw
around yourself
a golden circle

on a day
when it seems
that the whole world
cannot hear
the poem of your soul

Author's comments--These lines are an excerpt from Remember Beauty and Songs for a Blue Time, the story of a friendship between a wolf and a little cat. When the wolf must take a long journey, he shares these words with his friend, as a source of strength. My beloved mother, jani johe webster, always taught me that no matter how harsh the outer world can seem, we always have our inner poem glowing quietly.

Nila J. Webster has been writing since a young age, thanks to the encouragement and support of her beloved mother, poet jani johe webster. In the last six months, Nila has donated over 23,000 picture books in her mother's honor, with more to come. If anyone knows of schools or hospitals that would like to receive a picture book donation, please let her know at

As in the Beginning--By Pamela A. MacBean--United States

As in the Beginning

craftsman divine
paints damask rose sunsets
picturesque pleasures delight eyes

Pam is currently battling metastatic breast cancer and is doing remarkably well. Some of her poetry is on Poetry For Thought and She has been published in many online and print journals, and has had two chapbooks published, Postscripts in Time and A Dalton View. In the Great Northwoods, a collection of poetry was published by Publish America.  She lives in New Hampshire.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Little Tree Lost--By Kathryn McLoughlin Collins--United States

Little Tree Lost

Oh how I love a tree;
any tree, anywhere:

longtime triple-trunked
royal trees;

redwoods giant, gallant
rising, heavenly;

trees, tall and slender,
so tall you can’t catch them;

short trees eye to eye with me
and so we talk squirrel talk. 

I have a tree inside about 18” high;
he lives on my corian counter;

when he hears the wind,
and takes a look outside

he sees his cousins swaying
cries a tear and softly sighs.

Born in 1945, Kathryn Collins is a native New Yorker now living in Connecticut whose works have been described as “a gentle sort of poetry” by the editor of her first book No Need for Breadcrumbs, published by BeWrite Books, 2004. Her work has also appeared in numerous anthologies. Inspired by her beloved grandmother, she developed a great love of poetry at an early age and has been writing for 20 years.

Sunrise--By Janet Vick--United States


Teasing horizon
harmonizing nature’s songs
touching souls. (with your approval)
Inspires awe, awareness tingles
as dawn stirs new beginnings
to life.

Janet lives in rural Suffolk, Virginia with her husband, Randy. She loves the fresh air and space of country living. She works as a Registered Nurse in surgery. She is a mother of one and grandmother of two.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Haiku--By Lisa DeVinney--United States

toadstool sentinels
standing at full attention
o’er clover charges

ribbons of silver
lining the lavender clouds
a gift-wrapped sunset

the dawn’s early light
crowning a still sleepy world
with heaven’s glory

gigantic raindrops
bursting like water balloons
on sun-baked sidewalks

the evening sky blushed
with a touch of rosy-red
as dusk kissed her cheek

Lisa DeVinney is a homemaker and mother of six in upstate New York. She enjoys photography and writing devotional poetry in her spare time. Lisa is the author of several books, including a devotional entitled I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes. She also maintains her own website at

Universe--By Ranu Uniyal--India


Because the steady drops have no water
To quench this aching fire
I prefer to be without.

Because they have always held it against me
This weakness for you
I prefer to be distant.

Because the space between us is happy
No matter what the earth does to the sea
I prefer to wait.

Because no one can whip and destroy
Stretches of love that winds blow
I prefer to pray.

(Published in Ranu’s first collection Across the Divide, 2006)

Ranu Uniyal lives in Lucknow, India. Poetry keeps her going and is as much a part of her life as her love for humanity. She is a Professor of English at Lucknow University. She has two books of poems: Across the Divide and December Poems to her credit.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Goethe’s Path--By Andrea Dietrich--United States

Goethe’s Path

Today I have the wish to wander.

Down Goethe’s path I choose to go
with a world of thought to ponder.

Where I might end up - I do not know.

I meander with a little stream.

All around me, myriads of trees
stand like seers; serene and sage they seem.

The stream’s sweet murmur carries on the breeze.

Something fresh! A rumble I can hear.

This rumble has a soothing quality;
my prior musings start to disappear.

The source of this new sound I have to see!

Goethe’s path has led me to a secret place.

Clear water is cascading into a lake.
There is no world of thought when facing grace.

Embracing bliss, I have a plunge to take~

Andrea Dietrich grew up in Iowa and now resides in Utah with a spouse and two cats. She has two grown children and six grandchildren. Having graduated BYU with a Spanish major/ESL minor, she has spent most of her adult life teaching. It wasn't until 2000 that she began writing in earnest and discovering her "niche" as a writer of lyrical poetry. The internet opened up a new world for her, and she has spent nearly a decade now participating in poetry clubs, acting as a judge of poetry contests for various magazines and for the website Shadow Poetry.

Delicious--By Maurice J. Reynolds--United States


There are many things in our world today
that leave a sour taste in our mouth, yet, what
about the change of seasons, each one special
in its own right; the helping hand of the stranger
you don’t know; the wind’s kiss across the
awaiting skin of our body; nature’s scenic extravaganza
of country sides, monuments, sunsets, and natural
wonders? Delicious is the taste of your child’s high school
graduation and success in life. Delicious is the moments
when our nation comes together in times of crisis and in
times of peace. Delicious is the story of how a life was
changed by the goodness of God; the quiet afternoon on
the patio with a good book and the company of the birds,
squirrels, trees and other beautiful creations.
Delicious is looking up into the sky to count as many
stars as the eyes can see; holding hands under the
moonlight and having dinner at the place you first met.
Delicious is the goodness that flows from the lives of
good people who multiply the love in their heart to know
that many aspects of this world are delicious.

Maurice J. Reynolds is a freelance writer who has had material published in various publications.  He is the owner of To God be the Glory! Publications, a literary ministry that produces the poetry publication Creative Inspirations.  More information can be found at:

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Time For Everything--By Christine Tate--United States

A Time For Everything

There are tears of joy that flow with ease
and tears of grief that flood the soul...
good times pass by like a breeze
and gusts of pain can take their toll.

moments to relish fond memories
or ones that trigger nightmares...
glorious times of jubilee
and hours of deep despair.

seasons in life come and go
they never do stand still...
but we can learn and grow
by trusting in God's will.

why not give thanks each day
while enjoying the ride,
not wasting hours away
being dissatisfied.

before we turn around
life will pass us by,
and we will face eternity
in a blink of an eye!

Christine Tate lives in New Jersey. She is the mother of three married sons and has eight grandchildren. She started writing inspirational poetry in 1994, and is blessed to encourage others and honor the Lord. She was widowed in 2007 and met her new husband Artie, a widower, in the nursing facility where their late mothers resided. They've been happily married for 2 1/2 years. Since neither of them ever expected to marry again, they consider it a "divine appt."

Again…--By Rhoda Galgiani--United States


Ripples from the tide caress the image
A touch of grace came into view
With widened eyes one can see
New teachings written on the scroll

Coolness brought down the heat
That penetrated the souls search
Bright visions of clarity now prevail
Whispers of thanks became prevalent

Again, blessings have come
To care for one at a needed time
Again, He has figured it all out and
Came to aid the one who has lost tears -

Drying them with love

Rhoda Galgiani has published two books - Expressions From the Inside Out and No Snow for Johnny - A Child's Book. She also maintains a website with instructional poetry forms called Expressions Poetry Journal at Come visit for a relaxing moment and poetry instructions.

Haiku--By Nikko Palmario--Philippines

canopy of leaves
covers golden mango bunch...
rustle of bat wings

Nikko Palmario is someone who enjoys dabbling with words and chocolate.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Poet of the Month--Sandra Stefanowich

Lookout Mountain

By Sandra Stefanowich

Midnight blue were my eyes
as the ebony seeped into
my tired, weakened bones
helpless against the winds
haunting this clouded mind

you were nowhere in sight
the silence shook my soul
and no stars shone tonight
as I travelled this empty road
to another passageway in time

but the sun somehow had risen
pastel hues of daylight emerged
as I gazed upon the mountain
tears running down its stony face
shedding the ones I couldn't cry

echoing across the distance
came the sound of your name
I was there looking for you
roaming in the vast woodlands
lamenting in a wish to go back

when you look upon high
a part of me I've left there
and if these words reach you
will you meet me again someday
on top of Lookout Mountain

From the editor--It is an honor to announce that Sandra Stefanowich is July’s Poet of the Month.  She is a talented writer and photographer who has been published in a variety of venues.  Readers at Whispers relate to the depth of her heartfelt poetry.  Sandra has been an encouraging voice at our online journal since its onset in 2013.  She regularly leaves thoughtful comments which others appreciate.  Sandra has collaborated with other writers on several poems that have been featured at Whispers.  It is a pleasure to present Sandra with this honor!

Thoughts on “Lookout Mountain”--Right from the onset, Sandra grabbed my attention with vivid imagery.  The emotion flows through her words in a powerful and heartfelt way, a hallmark of many of Sandra’s poems.  She allows the reader to experience the loneliness and loss as she shares this journey.  At the end, all I can say is Wow!  “Lookout Mountain” is one of those pieces that will be remembered by many.

Congratulations and thank you Sandra!  I appreciate all you do and have done for Whispers.


Karen O’Leary, Editor

He IS Coming, I Hear His Voice--By Charlene McCutcheon--United States

He IS Coming, I Hear His Voice

Dreams, like Jesus' parables having hidden meaning,
In all kinds of circumstances can bring understanding.
With prayer, having faith, and with Spirit instructing,
Wisdom and understanding can be peace restoring.

Like a child, promised a gift and trusting, I'm waiting,
Dreams are evidence of His pure love, in 'light' giving.
But if by that strange way, His word He is declaring.
I will not be doubting: He does not delay His coming.

Charlene McCutcheon is a 73 year old, wife, mother of seven, grandmother of thirty and great-grandmother of 14. She has just discovered her voice through poetry within the last few years. Her former ways of expression have been through the media of arts and crafts. Her desire to share herself with others for their benefit has been the motivating factor in all her endeavors. She loves life, work, play and most of all people.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Overlook--By Cindy Evans--United States


The little slight, the initiated fight,
The cross words for no reason,
The unwelcome look, a trespass took,
Words spoken out of season…
Lord, forgive them for they do not know
Quite what they say, what they do,
Let your example on the cross
Be the one that we look to...
May it be our cross to bear,
We can turn the other cheek.
May they be surprised by grace,
For You ask us to be meek,
To lay down our rights, our pride,
Without revenge or recompense.
You have told us in Your Word
It's our glory to overlook an offense!

Cindy Evans is a published poet living in the greater Atlanta area. She does receptionist work for corporate offices as well as at non-for-profits. She is happily married to her husband, Mark, and they enjoy ferris wheels, lighthouses, Christian movies and walking trails.

The Last Few--By David Austin--United States

The Last Few

The old, empty house    just next door.
They say it’s gutted, pipes and all.
It’s boarded-up now    sad    ghostly,
The metamorphosis over a long period

Walking by one day I wonder at the wealth of
Roses by the front sidewalk
Life goes on
And I catch at the realization

Such a wealth of flowers,
Such beauty fronting the ugly old place
I smooth a petal with one finger, deep in thought
Oh yes, the last few will be searching

David Austin is professional violinist and teacher, who communicates through poetry. He has played with the Cincinnati Symphony, taught at Colorado College and various public schools. He is a published author, who has been writing poetry and novels for over 40 years. His pride and joy is a shelter in which he feeds and cares for animals.  David is a member of Poetry Soup.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Pyramid of Light--By Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson--Canary Islands

A Pyramid of Light

Of light that
Comes shining down
Spreading energy and
Love to all on the ground.
Is also formed the other way
Round, when a person prays without
Making a sound.  These thoughts sent out
On a healing ray, will sprinkle to earth and on
The way, touch the loved one for whom they pray.

Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson is a coal miner’s daughter, the only girl among 6 lads.
A young mother to a son, she became a widow before she turned 18.  Patricia, then, married her childhood sweetheart who fathered her lovely son and two wonderful daughters.  Her children encouraged her to pursue her own talents.  After 51 years of marriage, she became a widow again recently.  She fills her time with poetry, helping others whenever she can.

Trinity--By Lanette Kissel--United States



The One who was here before the world began,
He formed the earth and then created man.
He is our gracious loving Father, all seeing and all knowing,
His loving care for His children ever showing ever growing.


The One who came to us of humble birth
To build a bridge between heaven and earth,
The One who bore the weight of our sin,
So that for hopeless man new life can begin.

The Holy Spirit--

The One who was sent to show us the way,
So that we can live more like Him every day,
The One to guide us on this journey we have begun,
So that our lives can bear witness for the Son.

Lanette Kissel lives in southern Indiana with her adopted Yorkie-Poo, Benjy. She enjoys writing Inspirational poetry, essays, articles, and some secular fiction. Her work has been published in small print publications and in online magazines. Some of her fiction has been published as e-books at Red Rose Publishing.

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Andrea Dietrich and Dave Wood--United States

All Your Ways

By Andrea Dietrich and Dave Wood

In my moonlight dream
I can't believe I'm really here
we’re dancing in a forest
You light my life when you're near
Green earth is our floor
Our steps are magic in this place
and moon beams - our disco ball
Stars all aligned - for loves embrace
while soft music is the night
Romantic whispers feel so right

You are clad in white
Now look deeper to the heart
My golden gown sweeps the ground
I was mesmerized from the start
My beautiful knight -
Princess shining in the day
Your bright eyes adore me as
I'm taken by all your ways
you twirl me among the trees
Dreamer's breath becomes love's breeze

Saturday, July 12, 2014

If a Man Falls--By Richard Sponaugle--United States

If a Man Falls

I’m a decaying tree,
lost in life’s dense forest;
my foundation saturated
with dry tears,
branches bald and brittle.
My body falls soft and silent,
sure to be inhaled
before it’s seen
since light never shines
on the black, tangled woods
of my soul.

Richard Sponaugle was born 4-20-60 in Maryland and raised in Northern Virginia.  He received a BA from George Mason University.  A prolific poet and songwriter, he has been published in many venues. 

A Ghazal of Ghalib--Translation by Sunil Uniyal--India

A Ghazal of Ghalib (Translation by Sunil Uniyal)

Come, Beloved, no peace I'm having
I can't endure anymore this waiting

The gift of heaven in lieu of this life
Is a hangover after all drinking

Tears force me out of your party
I regret, I can't control my weeping

If the heart's without joy, there's no meaning
If the rose doesn't bloom, there's no spring

Ghalib, you've taken an oath against drinking
But nobody is sure that you'll be keeping !

Sunil Uniyal ( born 1953-) is a poet and translator based in New Delhi, India. He has been writing haiku and poems for over thirty years and many of these have appeared in e-journals like Muse India, Kritya, AHA Poetry, Poetica Magazine, Sketch Book, Notes From the Gean, A Hundred Gourds and Haiku Dreaming Australia. His work in translation includes, The Target is Behind the Sky -Fifty Poems of Kabir, brought out by the Low Price Publications, Delhi in February 2012.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Midsummer Breezes--By Beverly Reedy--United States

Midsummer Breezes

Morning breezes blow through
the open window as I watch
the flight of white winged
butterflies dancing among
patches of tall lilac daises,
gathering their sweet nectar
as the sounds of nature echo
in the midsummer breezes
with the songs of the birds,
uniting in cords of harmony.
Day with its simple mysteries
will reveal the joys of being.

Beverly Reedy is an assistant editor and poetess from Washington State. Her first book of poetry called Treasures of a Poet Volume 1 was published by Creative Memories in 2006. She was published in anthology series from 1988 to 2007. Her work has appeared in American Poets Society, League of American Poets, Famous Poets Society, Poets Word Wide, and Passion for Poetry. She is a member of Poets For Integrity and The Writers and Poetry Alliance.

Haiku--By Robert Epstein--United States

no matter
how bedeviled I am
her angelic face

how that wet stone glistens her eye

in the can
of beans what
she didn’t spill

3,000 miles away from mom's lost mind

eating a mango
her retirement
takes shape

Robert Epstein is a licensed psychologist who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has edited several anthologies: The Breath of Surrender: A Collection of Recovery-Oriented Haiku; Dreams Wander On: Contemporary Poems of Death Awareness; and The Temple Bell Stops: Contemporary Poems of Grief, Loss and Change; as well as two books of haiku: Checkout Time is Noon: Death Awareness Haiku; and A Walk Around Spring Lake: Haiku.  He is currently editing another anthology, The Sacred in Contemporary Haiku, due to be released in 2014.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Six Word Story--By Elaine George--Canada

Six Word Story



Born in New Brunswick, Elaine George spent the early years of her life living in Lorneville (a small fishing village along the Bay of Funday) still inhabited by many of her family members.  Much of her writing is inspired by the memories of that place and those wonderful people.  She has published two volumes of poetry and is currently writing a novel entitled Out of the Darkness.  Many of her poems and short stories have appeared in magazines in both Canada and the United States. Currently she lives with her husband in Wainfleet, Ontario.

Catching Magic--By Marcus Omer--United States

Catching Magic

Lily-white days, the Summer’s filled,
     the year was forty-one.
In creeks, in brooks, in meadows clean,
     the cords of youth were spun.
Those lazy days, those barefoot days,
     we played on dusty roads.
In tall green grass ‘neath night-time sky,
     we searched the mystic code.
When shooting stars by chance would fly
     with temping tails of light,
we caught them in an old fruit jar
     and rode them out of sight.

Marcus Omer got serious about writing after he retired in 1997. He draws his inspiration from the many emotions we experience in life. He has published Of Sunshine and Clouds with iUniverse and The Winding Road with Shadow Poetry. He’s also published in Snippets, The Magic of Words and several issues of Golden Words.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Carolyn Devonshire--United States and Terry O’Leary--France

Weighing in on Summer

by Carolyn Devonshire and Terry O’Leary

Colorful flowers and spaghetti straps
And my flabby arms from seams overlap
    But summer clothes still beckon
    It’s diet time, I reckon
Girdle needed, my tummy to entrap

With a look in the mirror I see
I'm as round as a bumble-ing bee
    Having so much on show
    (Yes, wherever I go)
A tri-kini I'll need at the sea

Seeking new ways for calories to burn
To wear a swimsuit, I’ll let famine churn
    Want to look provocative
    Avoid stares accusative
Hunger overwhelms, for ice cream I yearn

To reduce my excess was the quest
So it's needless to say I was stressed
    Eating soup made of prunes
    Through the pale afternoons…
Well then… now you can guess all the rest

But in order to taper and trim
Will require I burn at the gym
    So I think that I'll start
    With a blueberry tart
Then I'll have much more vigor and vim

Signed up for Biggest Loser on TV
So Jillian Michaels could torture me
    Pushing boulders up steep hills
    To accentuate the frills
Of small sundresses designed for Twiggy

Though some people may say that I'm stout,
Do they know what they're talking about?
    In all matters of size,
    The beholder's blue eyes
Discern only the parts hanging out

Jillian cracked the whip with no remorse
I dragged tired bones through the exercise course
    Now slim, I sleep peacefully
    Blessed with deep serenity
While friends say, “She makes a beautiful corpse.”

To Marion: In Memoriam--By Joann Grisetti--United States

To Marion: In Memoriam

With body frail, yet eager mind
She views the far off hill once climbed
Beyond her reach, both earth and time,
She thinks of when
    God will come for her.

She has lived her life’s full measure
Partaken of its joy and pleasure
Her body’s still, calm, at leisure
She senses soon
    God will come for her.

Resting far from the daily streets
Her soul has found an easy peace
Her lips in holy prayer do meet
She knows Him now
    God has come for her.

I see her laid upon her bier
Where mercy reigns, her fate is clear
No prophet I, nor sage, nor seer,
And yet I know
    God has come for her.

Joann Grisetti has been writing for 45 years. She is a retired teacher from Florida. She receives encouragement from her daughter and has recently enrolled in a creative writing workshop. She is a member of Poetry Soup. You can read more of her poetry there.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Waiting for Words--By Elizabeth Howard--United States

Waiting for Words

my tongue is the pen of a ready writer
                       Psalm 45:1

I search dictionary and thesaurus for
the crucial words to tell of a Savior
who gathers little children in His arms,
fractious children who’ve played in mud,
harrowed faces stained with sour grapes,
eyes greedy for worldly manna
tongues sowing tares of slander.
My pen tarries, waiting for words.

Elizabeth Howard lives in Crossville, Tennessee. She writes poetry and fiction. Her poems have appeared in Comstock Review, Big Muddy, Appalachian Heritage, Cold Mountain Review, Poem, Still, Mobius, Now & Then, Slant, and other journals.

With Love--By Peter Dome--United Kingdom

With Love

Swirling patterns of iridescent colours
Of yellow red green and blue
Illuminated light
Of every shade and hue.

A kaleidoscope toy
Bringing wonder and excitement
To a young child's eyes
A present from Grandma and Granddad
One happy content child

Hi, my name is Pete. I live in Sheffield, U.K. I hope you enjoy my poems. I look forward to reading yours. My best wishes. Pete.

Monday, July 7, 2014

A Two-Faced Son-Of-A-Gun--By Robert L. Hinshaw--United States

A Two-Faced Son-Of-A-Gun

Even Honest Abe Lincoln admitted himself that he wasn't all that pretty,

   But you'll be hard-pressed to find a president who was more witty!

      During debates, Stephen Douglas called him a two-faced son-of-a-gun.

         Lincoln replied, "If I had another face, do you think I would wear this one?"

Robert L. Hinshaw served 30 years in the Air Force retiring in 1978 in the grade of Chief Master Sergeant. He began writing poetry in 2002 at age 72 and has composed over 1100 poems.

Flowers Galore--By Jean Calkins--United States

Flowers Galore

White lilies standing six feet tall;
roses, doubled, pink, enthrall;
   morning glories, trellis high;
   chameleon plants that do not lie,
but stand upright, with tiny blooms;
hydrangeas. The warm wind blows tunes
   through plastic flowers as they spin,
   pause awhile, begin again.
Marigolds march by the walk;
the budding mums can almost talk.
   The rhododendron flowers are gone;
   peonies stretch across the lawn,
their blossoms but a memory,
like trilliums, once heavenly.
   The garden weaves around the house
   in narrow beds made by my spouse,
while I succumb to summer heat
and wait for autumn. What a treat!

Jean, at 80, has been writing poems since she was 18. For 25 years she published a popular poetry quarterly of up to 100 pages, with a subscribership of nearly 500. Illness in 1986 ended the magazine. She currently publishes, by email, a 2-page monthly of clean humor. Contact her at